Everything you need to know about creating a Virtual Race with TicketBae

Virtual Races are becoming the new norm amongst charities and corporate events. A Virtual Race is a race you can run at any location, at your pace, outside or on a treadmill, alone or with a group of friends. Train and stay active, run for a good cause and get awesome medals and promotional material. TicketBae's innovative platform allows you to incorporate this virtual option into your next event at no additional cost.

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Why we blow away every competitor

TicketBae is the ONLY complete race registration platform in the Caribbean. This means that you create, manage and monitor your event with the click of a button on your own dashboard without the need to contact any person. Our customer service team will be available 24/7 customer service if needed.

What are the steps in creating a Virtual Race?

  • Step 1 - Create an event with TicketBae and ensure that the virtual option is turned ON in your organiser dashboard sidebar.
  • Step 2 - Advertise through different sources of media and acquire participants.
  • Step 3 - Registered participants can now complete their distance using a GPS Watch (E.g. Garmin, Runtastic) or Smartphone APP (E.g. Strava).
  • Step 4 - Your registered participants can now select "Submit Virtual Result" on your event homepage and enter their time, a photo and URL link for proof of their run.
  • Step 5 - Once a participant has successfully submitted their virtual run, all that’s left for you to do is approve their submission with the click of a button directly on your organiser dashboard.
  • Step 5 - Distribute the rewards to participants.

TicketBae saves you countless hours by avoiding searching through cluttered inbox with race submission!


There is absolutely NO upfront or listing fees with TicketBae. We charge a small processing fee to the registering participant that is split between our payment processer, Wipay.

Fee Example

Ticket Cost - $100.00

Processing Fee - $14.00

Participant Cost - $114.00

This means that you will always get the full value of your ticket price in 7 working days after your event closes.

"Virtual Races kept us connected to our runners during the Covid-19 epidemnic" - Run Trinbago

I am ready to host a Virtual Race but should I?

A Virtual Race can offer more profits for your NGO/Cause in comparsion to a physical event. Some savings include: Infustructure, Police Approvals etc. TicketBae's goal is to offer transparent advice to all our clients. Creating a Virtual Race has 2 major expenses.

  • Rewards - Rewards can include the popular Custom Finisher’s Medal, Goodies and Giveaways. The Cost of a custom Medal varies depending on Size, Colours and Quantity. You can receive a free quote from us by contacting 1 (868) 320-1603 or sending us an email at extramileeventstt@gmail.com
  • Advertising - This includes all Social Media Graphics and any paid advertising to acquire your participants.

We look forward to working with you to create your next virtual event. Contact us today for a Free Consultation.

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