TicketBae - FAQ

Organiser FAQs

Ticketbae has zero start up and listing fees to the organiser. A small processing fee is charged to the consumer when using a credit card that is split between Ticketbae and the payment processor.
Ticket Bae allows you to create your very own event page instantly a with built-in payment profile, event analytics and support that are all fully customisable.
You can set up your ticket options from your event organiser dashboard varying the price, ticket amounts, age restrictions etc. Acceptable payments are promo codes or credit card payments for your event.
Your Event Organiser dashboard allows you to keep track of your sales i.e. number of tickets sold, pay-out for the event, different source of sales, even demographics for your event participants.
In order to get your event pay-out, it is crucial that you completely and accurately complete your payment profile details when creating your event. You can expect your pay-out within 5 working days after your event ends.
Not yet/Coming soon! Ticket Bae however does run a functional mobile view using any mobile web browser.

Attendee FAQs

Yes, you do. It’s simple as using you email address, Facebook or Google account in order to sign up. After that, it’s a quick and easy log in.
Select the “Upcoming Events” tab or follow a⁰n event URL if you were provided with one and click the “Register” button next to your preferred event.
Payment for an event can be done using a credit card. In some cases, promo code can be used. (These are provided by the events admins or purchased from any NLCB outlet (Trinidad and Tobago) if specified by the event’s management team).
You can click on “Attendee Dashboard” to see all the events you have registered for.
Select “Attendee Dashboard” where you will find a list of the events you are registered for. Your confirmation number will be found in the first column. Please search for the relevant event to see the correct confirmation number.
Select “Attendee Dashboard” where you will find a list of the events you are registered for. Please search for the relevant event and your receipt can be viewed and downloaded from the receipt column for that event.
Any issues regarding a refund will be dealt directly with the event organisers of the event you have registered for. Ticketbae will not be responsible for an event cancellation.